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Andrea Cravero
02-07-17 17:31:58
I wish to thank Maurice for the wonderful training (presentation skills, storytelling…) provided to the Italian ERP/EPM team this week.

I got enthusiastic feedback from all the participants (most of them with 10+ years of experience, and many soft skills trainings in their professional life).

Best training ever…Maurice was so passionate…It’s the first time I never got distracted in a two days training…So well prepared…Incredibly self-­organized…­Extremely relevant for my job…

It’s also one of the first time I receive so many positive feedbacks without or before asking for!!!

I was well aware of Maurice’s qualities…but he clearly exceeded everyone’s expectations (and I can tell you…Italians are sometimes difficult to convince, we are often skeptical…)

Very well done!

Thanks, Andrea Cravero
Solution Consulting Sr. Director
Andrea Magnaguagno
30-06-17 00:33:37
At the end of this training with Maurice Hellemons as a teacher I can say that for sure this has been the best training I have received in the last 8 years (in Oracle and IBM). Thank you Maurice for your huge knowledge and for the passion for the education!

Andrea Magnaguagno - Italia
Yvonne van Schaik
14-06-17 15:21:49
Maurice heeft mij enorm(!) geholpen met een goede pakkende verhaallijn. Zijn enthousiasme is aanstekelijk. Hij stelt heldere doelen, geeft positieve feedback en stimuleert zelfvertrouwen. Mijn presentatie en paneldiscussie gingen top. Een heerlijk gevoel om Maurice aan de zijlijn te hebben. Geen stress meer door een goede voorbereiding en dry-run. Maurice is een professional pur sang met veel respect en oog voor het individu. Dankjewel Maurice!
Riccardo B
07-06-17 10:31:56
Hi Maurice,

I'm indeed happy with the "new me" after the training:

A new and more effective presentation style: tested it in front of my coach, in front of a panel of senior directors in Oracle, in front of a couple of customers and... It works! Great feedback from all the stakeholders;
A new and more effective Linkedin profile (thanks for reviewing it!): my SSI jumped from 68 to 75, 5000+ views on one of my latest posts, a good deal of new contacts;
More confidence and less stress before my presentations
So, thanks a lot for showing the way!

Looking forward to hearing from you again


Wybe Lefering
06-06-17 22:46:09
If you want to improve the presentation skills of your team, then Maurice should be your first choice.
He provided presentation trainings to 3 of our teams and it was amazing.
He provided the teams with a very practical training, very hands on, and the teams were focused the entire session. I only heard amazing feedback from all the participants, ranging from 'This was the best training I had so far' to 'I loved it, it was very useful, Dynamic and I'm sure I will be a better presenter after this training'.
I would really recommend this training'.
We also had a social influence session, where Maurice explained a big room full of people the importance of social media, how to present yourself and the company you work for, how to make yourself visible, how to build your network etc. Also this session was highly appreciated by the audience, everyone really liked the overview given, the very hands-on way of working, the practical and very useful tips and tricks.
So I also really recommend this session as it makes sure all the employees have a professional profile and makes sure that first impression is a good one.
Wybe (ERP team leader SCC Oracle Malaga)
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